Seven Beauties project conference

The seventeenth-generation music project, to be held on the basis of Ganjavi’s military poems in cooperation with artists from the three countries of Azerbaijan, Iran and France, was held on the second Sunday of January in the Music Museum of Iran.

At the beginning of the meeting, Saeed Khavarnejad (composer of the Seven-faced Project) said: “We have a composer in this project that will help me as an advisor.” That the project works in a group is because part of it is in the form of electronic music and is partly close to Azerbaijani and Iranian music.

The Seven-Beauties Project is based on Ganjavi’s military poetry and is conducted between the three countries of Azerbaijan, Iran and France. Many friends and collections are helping us. It is in three languages and may not be a direct narrative of the seven-beauty story. There is a lot of narrative poetry, and we chose sections in every language that has been beautiful to make a better statement and communicate with the audience. We also have chalk sections in Latin.

In the course of the meeting, Professor Alim Qasimov stated: “The project has started seriously and is well under way.” We gathered with the great name of Ganjabi and we want to create a great world-wide work. The project, Shoayb Shahabi, Iranian and French singer of the Seven-Beauty Project, said: “The project between the three countries is the owner of culture.” Azerbaijan and Iran were closely connected. In this project, I will perform part of the Iranian and French songs. Starting our project in the seven-body project from 2017 and is scheduled to be available to the audience in 2019, and we will have the stage performances in each country as a concert tour in well-known cultural centers and venues. Working together with the great master of the song of Alim Qasimov. It is a very valuable experience, and for me it is a different start to a different style that I hope will be in the hands of the culture and art of the country and will be appreciated by the liking. The ECO Cultural Section and the World Museums Organization will be among us as well.

Hesam Naseri, who plays as a musician and regulator in Seven Peoples, said: “I am working with the electronics sectors, which form the dominant part of some pieces.” Continuing the Middle East on the arrangement of the orchestra, he said: a combination of string and Iranian instruments and Percussion is on the run. Violincell and Percussion will be played in French with soloists. Also, I will smash the musketeers of Kamancheh, Alto and Mr Naseri. The project consultant is a well-known Frenchman who sat down at the Museum of Contemporary Art on film music last year.

The Middle East spoke about not using the French singer: In this work, I consulted French readers on how to make this statement oriental, and I concluded that many readers are afraid to read foreign language and I fear, I admire the courage of Shoayb Shahabi. There may be 20% of the eastern dialect in his work that goes back to the gene, and I care about it. Musicality is important to me at that moment. Breaking these rules is appealing to me. I think that the experience is successful. The form of language is expressed in the accent of another language. Qasimov also explains why Azerbaijan considers the military a poet, saying: “The elders belong to the whole of humanity, and everyone is trying to make the legends belong to themselves.” I studied seven archetypes carefully. Artist Mikhail Mohammadi, producer of the seven-body project video section, said the project will feature seven cinematic video clips, each of which will be filmed and produced according to the program in one country. At the moment, the production of the first clip, Black Land in Turkey and the Qeshm region of Iran, has ended and will soon be available to enthusiasts.

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